Hosted by Jason T. Smith, Group Director & Physiotherpist

Overcoming CV-19 TOGETHER!

"Shared insights into a proportionate response to the COVID-19 impact in Australia and New Zealand for health practice owners"

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Monday, March 23rd 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM via webinar  

Everyone welcome! For AU and NZ health practice owners

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Overcoming CV-19 TOGETHER!

In response to the escalating concerns about the community spread of the corona virus, the Back In Motion leadership team commissioned the CV-19 Taskforce to produce a Strategic Response Plan.  

We have created 4 levels of measured escalation; strategies and actions proportionate for each likely stage of the pandemic; and put special emphasis around: (1) Protecting people, (2) Preparing for the foreseeable challenges to practice continuity, and (3) Recovery when any likely outbreak is contained.  

In the first half of the webinar we will share our approach to client communications; recruitment, employment and staffing related matters; telehealth strategies and other adaptable service delivery options; consideration around what constitutes “essential services”; sensitivity and timing of local area marketing strategies; preparation for large scale cancellations and drop off of new patients; “scripting” to empower your staff when asked difficult questions: securing consumables in the face of limited supply; cashflow and profitability implications for the local practice; and much more.  

The second half of the webinar will be an interactive session for people to ask questions about their own situation. We will have experts online representing People & Culture, Practice Operations, Finance, Technology and Marketing to help guide the conversation and give thoughtful responses.  

Back In Motion don’t have all the answers, but we are certainly willing to share our insights and hope to learn from you too.